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If you order a mobile wallet from Cellum, you can rest assured the application will meet all requirements of the digital age.

Plug in and cash out

Turn your app into a complete purchase & payment platform in just a matter of days.

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The Safer Way to Pay

Cellum is a leading provider of solutions that make payments via mobile devices more convenient and secure. Our technology is used by financial institutions, mobile network operators, governments and merchants worldwide.

Security without Compromise

Mobile payments made with Cellum's applications are even safer than traditional bank card transactions.

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A Decade of Experience

Our team was creating mobile payments solutions when the smartphone was just a clever idea.

Cellum Mobile Next

The technological foundation of Cellum’s solutions is Cellum Mobile Next, a secure transaction platform that provides a multitude of use cases, can handle virtually any funding source and supports all major mobile platforms.

Available for white-label use worldwide, Cellum Mobile Next offers unparalleled security and flexibility in a large and growing number of use cases.

“Telkom is leading Indonesia’s digital transformation, and financial technology is an essential part of that. Cellum’s platform provides a solid foundation for us to launch advanced fintech services that will improve the lives of consumers and boost the business of our corporate clients. We are looking forward to introducing various transaction services all across Indonesia in the near future.”

Joddy Hernady SVP Media & Digital Business, Telkom Indonesia

“Telenor Hungary strives to provide the best possible user experience to its customers with its digital services. Our partnerships are focused on innovation, flexibility and a customer-centric approach. Our cooperation with Cellum has been succesful for a number of reasons, among them the fact that both companies are committed to continuous innovation and are driven by a similar set of values.”

Christoph Häuser Consumer Marketing Director – Telenor Hungary

“Cellum’s state-of-the-art technology offers a high level of security. Our cooperation has been excellent - we consider them a valuable partner.”

László Szetnics Business Leader, Mobile and Innovative Payments, MasterCard

“As a leader in contactless event payments, Festipay puts great emphasis on offering a fast, convenient and seamless mobile experience. We’ve been using Cellum’s technology for years and it has worked out excellently for us.”

Dániel Kaderják CEO, Festipay

“Throughout the World, there are examples of mobile commerce solutions that are succeeding at scale and delivering value. The Cellum story is one of them. It's impressive what Cellum has managed to achieve in the Central and Eastern European market, laying the foundation for global expansion.”

Anil Aggarwal Chairman & CEO, Money2020

“Cellum is coming in at the right time and with the right solution. We feel that Cellum can fill in the gaps in our portfolio, allowing us to offer a more complete service to the market – telcos, banks and also SMEs. We have chosen them because their complex technology has a proven track record of years of secure and reliable operation.”

Adriansyah Adnan Director of PT. Anabatic Technologies

“The versatility of Cellum's technology is intriguing. There are great opportunities in ASEAN for mobile financial services to leapfrog the ‘brick & mortar’ banking model and drive financial inclusion.”

Alexander Krefft Partner – Osten, Krefft & Block Ltd.

“There are truly brilliant things being made in Cellum’s labs, and they take good care of the next generation of computer scientists by giving our most talented students an opportunity to participate in our joint R&D projects.”

Dr. Hassan Charaf Associate professor, Head of the ICT Research Area

“Mobile payment is a young industry where Cellum, with a 13-year track record, counts as a highly experienced player. Cellum demonstrated its ability to build a robust and flexible system that meets the highest bank-grade security requirements.”

Zoltán Kása Group Retail Business Development Privates & CRM, Retail Product coordination, Erste Group

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Cellum Implements 3-D Secure Support in SDK

The European Union’s revised payment services directive (PSD2) requires payment service providers to implement Strong Customer Authentication. To this end, Cellum’s SDK now offers out-of-the-box support for the 3-D Secure protocol, allowing developers of payment applications to comply with the regulation.

Cellum Releases Major Update to OTA Platform for Mobile Carriers

Cellum has released a new version of its SIM management platform aimed at mobile carriers. This major release introduces an updated runtime environment with support for virtualization, as well as a host of new features, such as eSIM management, support for Network HSMs, Hybrid Steering for Roaming, and support for new cryptographic methods and protocols.

Cellum, Cardnet Launch Joint Venture to Bring SoftPOS Solution to Market

The new company aims to become a certified payment facilitator and will target small and micro businesses directly in Hungary and other neighboring countries. The SoftPOS solution lets merchants take “tap and pay” payments using only a standard Android smartphone without the need for additional hardware.

Cellum Helps Small & Micro Businesses Go Cashless with Revolutionary Payment Solution

Cellum’s new SoftPOS solution lets merchants take “tap and pay” payments using only a standard Android smartphone and nothing else. While so-called mPOS solutions require attaching a dongle to the phone, the SoftPOS app, built upon EMV's CPoC standard, can directly access the phone’s NFC chip, turning the handset itself into a contactless payment terminal.

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