Introducing Cellum

Meet the faces of Cellum and learn about what makes Cellum stand out in the mobile payments industry.

Cellum first to bring MasterPass™-enabled mobile wallet to Europe

Unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, the Cellum-developed OTPay is the first third-party mobile wallet in Europe integrated with MasterPass™, a global digital platform of MasterCard which allows users to pay online with different cards registered in various electronic wallets. MobilArena interview

Introducing the Motion QR Code

Cellum has created the new dimension of data storage: IDs, personal tickets and coupons can now migrate to smartphones that are converted to highly secure digital wallets.

Cellum's Wallet App - M-Commerce

Cellum's secure wallet app lets you purchase and pay for goods directly on your phone, without having to fill out lenghty checkout forms. Do the shopping without leaving your home!

Cellum's Wallet App - Purchasing Movie Tickets

This video shows Cellum's unique mobile remote payment solution for purchasing theater tickets simply by scanning a QR code - it's fast and easy, no queuing is needed anymore.

VIVACOM and Cellum present mobile payment solution for subway tickets

Purchase Metro Tickets On Your Mobile Phone.
Vivacom and Cellum Bulgaria has held a joint demonstration of a technology for purchasing and using e-tickets via mobile phones on Bulgarian subway lines. The mobile payment solution is based on QR codes.


A step-by-step guide to setting up CellumPay (Bulgaria) on your phone.

MasterCard Mobile - Do The Shopping On Your Phone

Use the world's smartest mobile remote payment application to purchase goods directly on your phone. M-commerce is made easy with MasterCard Mobile - it lets you buy stuff with the help of QR codes. The app is available on all major smartphone platforms.

MasterCard Mobile - How to use the app?

An overview of the services available through the MasterCard Mobile app, developed by Cellum.

  • Merchant Partners

    Cellum has a large and diverse network of accepting merchants utilizing Cellum Mobile Next.

  • FAQ

    New to mobile payments? Confused by all the technical language? Interested in the industry? Read our Beginners’ Guide.

  • Use Cases

    Our flagship product, Cellum Mobile Next, is an end-to-end remote payment system capable of conducting transactions from any type of payment instrument on any type of handset, covering a large and growing universe of use cases.