Cellum Mobile Next

Our flagship product, Cellum Mobile Next is a modular, end-to-end remote payment system that turns any smartphone into a virtual payment device capable of conducting transactions from any registered payment instrument, from bank cards and mobile phone account to loyalty cards and coupons.

Available for white-label use worldwide, Cellum Mobile Next offers unparalleled security and covers a broad and growing universe of use cases.

  • M-Commerce

    Cellum Mobile Next’s m-commerce solution harnesses the power of impulse by allowing shoppers to purchase specific products via QR codes printed on sales circulars or in outdoor media. One of the most intriguing and powerful uses of mobile payments technology, m-commerce turns ads into instant sales that provide valuable customer data.

  • Web Checkout

    E-commerce is made safer and easier with Cellum Mobile Next, which gives online shoppers the opportunity to pay without keying in bank card data. Meanwhile, merchants can increase customer engagement by using Cellum Mobile Next to manage their loyalty and coupon programs.

  • MasterPass™ checkout

    Cellum Mobile Next provides access to MasterCard®'s global digital platform, which is accepted as a payment method by hundreds of thousands of e-merchants worldwide. Cellum's solution even allows existing apps to be turned into MasterPass™ wallets. As an official partner, we also carry out the integration of merchants, for which we provide an SDK that reduces the whole process to just a few weeks.
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  • Plug and Pay SDK

    Third-party apps can leverage Cellum's secure platform using our SDK and can start accepting card payments in just a matter of days. Integration is made easy with the help of complete documentation, example code and technical support.
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  • Parking

    Available as both in-app and SMS-based solutions, Cellum Mobile Next gives motorists the ability to pay for parking anywhere with only their mobile handset, while making parking payment data fully traceable.

  • Top-up

    Cellum Mobile Next allows users to recharge/top-up any prepaid card immediately, simply and securely without visiting a store, kiosk or post office. In addition to the convenience it offers users, this solution lowers transaction costs for service providers while opening a compelling new sales channel.

  • Bill Payment

    With the addition of a QR code, utility bills can be paid from anywhere, while offering customers numerous additional benefits, including verifiable payment receipts and notification of upcoming payment deadlines. For utilities, the service cuts transaction costs and settlement times while at the same time enhancing collection rates and data quality.

  • Highway Toll

    Cellum Mobile Next’s solution allows motorists to pay highway tolls against the payment instrument of their choice by simply keying in their licence plate number and selecting the appropriate e-sticker type.

  • Cardholder Present

    In situations in which a cardholder and merchant are always present during transactions (e.g. taxi), applications using Cellum Mobile Next offer the highest degree of security for the customer, while providing the merchant a new payment option with new opportunities for quality assurance and data mining.
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  • Peer-to-Peer

    Cellum Mobile Next’s peer-to-peer solution provides the simplest way for even unbanked users to make immediate, low-cost and secure cashless financial transactions with each other.

  • Fundraising

    Cellum’s QR code-based technology offers one of the most convenient and secure ways for people to give small sums to their favorite charitable causes. The user simply scans a code reproduced on a poster, flyer or even a webpage or e-mail and with just a few taps of the finger completes the transaction.
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  • Public Transport

    Metro systems and other public transport operators can cut fare payment times and cash management costs by adopting Cellum’s QR-based mobile payment platform. Currently being implemented by the metro system of an EU capital, Cellum Mobile Next offers advanced data-mining possibilities and can be easily integrated into operators’ existing systems.

  • Lottery

    Select gaming companies can increase their turnover and customer engagement by adopting Cellum Mobile Next, which allows players to purchase lottery tickets using their mobile handsets.

  • Event Ticketing

    Concerts, movies and other events offer another key use case for Cellum Mobile Next, in which users can skip lines while merchants save on ticket fulfillment costs and gain invaluable insights into their customers’ behavior. Security is further enhanced using Cellum’s Motion QR Code technology.

Cellum Plug and Pay

Cellum’s “Plug and Pay” program makes available an SDK that is built on the same core engine powering the cutting-edge mobile wallets the company has produced for numerous banks and mobile network operators across the globe.

Plug and Pay includes Cellum’s patented Split Secret card vault, which uses a proprietary method of tokenization and data fragmentation to store and access cardholder data. Featuring RSA and AES encryption and a PCI-DSS 3 audited backend, the system boasts a record of zero fraudulent transactions over deployments by partners on multiple continents.

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  • FAQ

    New to mobile payments? Confused by all the technical language? Interested in the industry? Read our Beginners’ Guide.

  • Showcase

    Cellum’s various client applications are available for download from all market-leading mobile app stores.

  • Security

    In addition to being fully PCI DSS compliant, Cellum follows a strict security policy aimed at ensuring that all transactions are perfectly safe for every customer and partner of Cellum.